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About Me

Get to Know Me and My Philosophy


Louisa Peluso LCSW, CCTP-I 


CT LCSW 012196

Welcome to my practice!  I am a therapist and licensed clinical social worker dedicated to guiding individuals towards positive change. With over three decades of experience in change management, I bring a wealth of expertise to help you navigate all of life's challenges.

My training consists of a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California, a Masters in Business Administration in Organizational Change from New York University, and thousands of hours in organizational change and community mental health. 

At the core of my practice is a genuine passion for assisting people in creating positive change in their lives, families and communities.

I look forward to meeting with you!



Health, Happiness, Wellbeing

My approach stems from our basic human drive for happiness and wellbeing.  We do not only want to survive – we want to thrive!   We want to enjoy life to its fullest!

As your partner and guide, I will help you explore your unique journey, past, present, and future.   In therapy, we will identify, explore, and notice patterns that help us to make sense of things and define a way forward. We will work together to identify plans of action every step of the way.  As Chinese Master Lao-Tzu set forth in his writings nearly 2500 years ago,            


“Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life”.

An essential element to our work is confidentiality and trust.  The therapy I practice is Person-Centered.  YOU are the expert in your life.  Through empathic understanding,  unconditional positive regard, and genuineness, we will build a rapport in therapy that empowers and motivates you to achieve your therapeutic goals.

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